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So I’ve been celebrating my 22nd b-day since last Friday Aug. 19. It
has been great so far, so even if I do not get to the 30th, I’m already

I apologize for my last entry. I was obviously depressed, but I’m all
good now. So going back to Aug. the 19th, I finally was able to make it
to that dinner with a couple of friends. It was my friend Fernando’s
treat. We went to Macarroni & Grill and I had a lasagna. It was my
first time at that restaurant since I don’t each much outside, and it
was real nice. Marien and DanielZ were also there. I really had a great
time with them. In addition, Fer told the cute waiter that it was my
b-day, so the whole crew brought me a brownie with a candle on top and
sang happy b-day in Italian for me. They made me stand on top of my
chair and the entire restaurent was looking at me. OMG! I felt so
embarrassed! But it was awesome. I felt real special for that one night
and I cannot thank my friends enough for that great moment and for
being so nice. I’ll post some pix when I get them 😉

Marien also got me a b-day present and I loved it! She gave me a
scrapbooking book, which I loved just as much as I love scrapbooking,
so that was cool. After dinner I went to my cousins’ house to visit
Bere the day after the surgery. I’m sure she’ll be walking again in no
time. So at my cousins’ there were some friends of Bere and Jonatan; we
watched Sin City and then I went home.

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Still alive

It had been a while since I last updated LJ and I’m sorry to dissapoint you all but I’ve been using Xanga more than LJ. In addition I’ve been extremely busy this summer term since I’m taking three classes and if you cannot imagine what that means, let me tell you that that’s just like the next thing to committing suicide.

So I had a very busy, yet productive weekend. I was able to do everything I had planned and a little more of course! Yeah, that’s just me. I like to think I’m super girl. I’ve been staying late and waking up early all of these days. I can’t wait for the semester to be over. It’s been worth it so far though. I’m starting to see the results. That’s some good motivation working right there.

So I took that OB (organizational behavior) test yesterday. I’m still wondering what kind of professor would pick Sundays out of all days of the week from 6 to 10pm to give a test. In addition the questions come from a data bank, so they don’t really measure your knowledge. Just your ability to find the exact words on the book and cheat while you take the test online. Works for me.

I got a beautiful 153/150. How come? Well one of the questions had a hidden extra credit on it. If you were smart enough to notice then the professor rewarded you for that. So maybe I’m not smart enough, but I had gotten the same question in one of the chapter quizzes I took previous to the test so I already knew the answer. I got it right the first time too though. So maybe I’m not that stupid after all.

I must say that I was surprised/impressed to have done so well since I only studied yesterday right before the test. 8 chapters in less than 7 hours is just a record for me. I like to take pride on doing well at school if you haven’t noticed by now, so missing one out of 120 questions is not bad at all. Maybe I’m gifted. LOL. Ok, ok, maybe I’m smart =p

I’m ready to turn in my two law essays and take that test this afternoon. I only studied Saturday for this test which is really not much compared to my usual studying of days prior to tests. I skipped my morning class today to review though, but that still doesn’t seem enough for me. I still have to read one chapter and three articles. I didn’t read that chapter before because there’s only 10 quenstion on the test about that chapter, so I decided that reading it right before taking the test would help me retain the info. The other stuff I do have to know well. What the hell am I doing here when it takes me like two hours to read a chapter and it’s only like 45 min before I have to leave to school!? Maybe I’m trying to release some tension.

This morning after reviewing for my law test I met with my strategic management team to rehearse our presentation. My part took most of the time as usual. It’s supposed to be a 30-min thing and I’m doing more than half of it. That’s just usual. I still got to finish that paper and the .ppt show that of course I’m doing as well for everybody else. I hate working in teams. I end up doing everything myself all the time. I’m not complaining though. I’m just saying… =P

Wish me luck on my law test! 70 questions for 5 chapters 1 point each. Two take-home essays worth 15 points each. I got a 94 on the first test so hopefully I’ll stay around there.

The next two weeks will be hell though. I have all the deadlines right in front of me and I haven’t even started with half of the things I need to turn in and believe me, it has not been procrastination. I haven’t stopped doing HW and studying for a second. It’s just too much for me to handle, so I’m sure there will be a couple of assignments that I won’t be able to turn in. Hopefully Fer will pull off that research paper for me. Let’s see how that goes. Maybe he forgot all about it! However I appreciate the intentions. It’s just thrilling to know that there’s people out there willing to help out and I mean really help out.

I’ll be back soon!!!

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