27 Aug

So I’ve been celebrating my 22nd b-day since last Friday Aug. 19. It
has been great so far, so even if I do not get to the 30th, I’m already

I apologize for my last entry. I was obviously depressed, but I’m all
good now. So going back to Aug. the 19th, I finally was able to make it
to that dinner with a couple of friends. It was my friend Fernando’s
treat. We went to Macarroni & Grill and I had a lasagna. It was my
first time at that restaurant since I don’t each much outside, and it
was real nice. Marien and DanielZ were also there. I really had a great
time with them. In addition, Fer told the cute waiter that it was my
b-day, so the whole crew brought me a brownie with a candle on top and
sang happy b-day in Italian for me. They made me stand on top of my
chair and the entire restaurent was looking at me. OMG! I felt so
embarrassed! But it was awesome. I felt real special for that one night
and I cannot thank my friends enough for that great moment and for
being so nice. I’ll post some pix when I get them 😉

Marien also got me a b-day present and I loved it! She gave me a
scrapbooking book, which I loved just as much as I love scrapbooking,
so that was cool. After dinner I went to my cousins’ house to visit
Bere the day after the surgery. I’m sure she’ll be walking again in no
time. So at my cousins’ there were some friends of Bere and Jonatan; we
watched Sin City and then I went home.

The rest of the week was crazy for me. I was supposed to rest and do
nothing, but instead I had to work all day long everyday. On Sunday
August 21st I spent the morning with Melanie and Alex baking and
decorating a cake for Jose Luis’ b-day. He was turning 21 and was doing
a BBQ at his house. He is Mel’s boyfriend. So we bought his b-day
present from all of us, and after going crazy at my house and different
stores, etc we finally got to his house around 6:30pm. The rest of our
friends were there too and I had a nice time overall. I remember I got
mad at one of my friends though. But had a great time inspite of it.
The food was delicious, Jose loved his PSP, Meme’s cake was real good,
and everything turned out to be ok, so it was cool!

On Wednesday I spent the morning with Melanie at FIU. We went down to
pay our Fall tuition and needless to say it was crazy. It seems like
everybody, including ourselves, waits til the very last minute to pay.
We ran into Alexandra and Juli; they are friends with my cousin Bere. I
still need to resgister for one more class that is closed already. I
really need to get that override because it is the only class I have
left for graduation. I’ve tried contacting with the professor via
e-mail but haven’t gotten any response from him yet, so I guess I’ll
have to try something else. On Wed. Mel and I also went to Dolphin
Mall. I later stopped by at my former workplace because one of my
ex-coworkers, now friend, was turning 32. She is awesome, so I dropped
a card for her since I wasn’t able to see her. I saw my boss and a
couple of other people, and they asked me to come back and work for
them again. They have not been able to find a good replacement, and
have hired and fired like two people already to fill that position.

Wednesday night our friend Maurizio was coming back from Venezuela
after his vacation trip to Europe. He was out of town basically since
April, so we really missed him. Jose Luis picked him up at the airport
and then we all met up at their new apartment. They just moved in
together and are sharing an apartment as roommies. Naho, Mike, Meme,
Jonny and I got there and then we had dinner at Chilis. By the time we
ate, it was like 11pm already. I took Melanie home afterwards and then
I had one of the most scary and embarrassing moments of my whole life.

I won’t give you the details because I am ashamed; but the thing is I
almost get myself a speeding ticket in Weston. I was stopped by a cop,
just at the same spot where they stopped Marien the time she got her
ticket. At least hers was not for speeding. I think getting a ticket is
the worst thing I could ever do to my parents, so I’m never telling
them and you better don’t tell them either. In addition, I will soon be
without a legal status, so I better not get into trouble or I risk
having them take me to Kron. OMG you have no idea. It was really one of
the worst moments of all. I still can’t believe that I got away with

it, but I’m really glad that the officer was mercyful. I’m sure I would
have gotten the $250 ticket had the officer been a woman.

Ok, so lets talk about something else! On Thursday Aug. 25th we had
hurricane Katrina down in Miami Dade and Broward counties. Thanks God
Weston got no serious damages. I was lucky enough to have electricity
at my house so I spent the day watching movies, cooking, and cleaning
around. However, we had no electricity at the store, so we were not
able to open or work. That was good but at the same time bad because we
are behind and we have lots of orders that we need to process and ship.
Whatever… I was happy not to have to work that day, but I’m worried
about my mom. She really has a lot of pressure on her. I even caught
her crying the other day and that’s like something she NEVER EVER does,
so this must be serious. I hope my dad comes back soon. It is amazing
how much we depend on him. That thought scares me. God forbids if
something ever happens to him I don’t know what we’ll do. The thing is
we depend on him but because he wants to do everything. He does not
want us to do anything or help out, so that in the long term is bad
because when something happens then we don’t know what to do, and
that’s precisely what’s happening now.

Due to hurricane Katrina, the POS system at the store is not working.
The internet connection is not working either and that’s basically our
business. That’s how we contact with the distributors and customers. We
do everything online, so we’re having a hard time pulling it off.
Moreover, we have not been able to print any receipts or register any
sales on the computer, which is obviously going to alter the
inventory… Hell no… on top of that we have to close the month just
this Wed. and with the system down I don’t know what we’ll do.

My mom does not want to call a technician because my dad wants us to
wait until he gets back. He does not want us to pay for help when he
can fix it himself, only problem is HE IS NOT HERE and I personally
think that life goes on; we cannot hold everything until he gets his
ass back here…. but that’s just me… I have a different way of
handling things than my mom does, and I guess she knows my dad better
than I do, so if she has decided to wait I will not push it; I just
thinks that’s wrong. However, I did call a couple of friends who are
supposed to know about computers and hopefully they will be able to
help out a little. I’m still waiting on them to call me back, but I
really hope they can do something for me.

So yesterday I spent the day at home and I was planning on doing a
movie afternoon at my place. I had already called up all my friends and
they were all coming, but then I got Juli’s call saying that La Covacha
was going to open. I was celebrating my b-day together with Jonatan at
La Covacha yesterday night, but because of the hurricane I thought they
were going to call it off til next week. Well, it turns out that they
didn’t; they decided to open and that meant that if I didn’t go then I
would lose all the invitations, the champagne and everything, so at 7pm
at night I found out about it and I had to call everybody. Fortunately
all my friends were able to make it, well most of the people I called,
which was really good. I missed the rest of the people who were not
able to make it though. Especially the musketeers.

I had a great time, I really did. I’m thankful to all the people who
were there, starting with Alvaro who came all the way from Boston to
surprise me and everybody else. That was super nice; I just love that
kid. Then Fer, who OMG, has been just SO EXTRA NICE with me lately; I
don’t think I can thank him enough, but he really has been the best. A
couple of friends from school were also there and it was great seeing
them again. My old girl friends Greicy and Jocey were there with their
best smiles, and my friend Jose Miguel surprised me too stopping by
after the GreenDay concert! The gang, well being there was a MUST for
them. Mel, Sam, Mauri, Migui, Jose, Mike, Naho and Daniel. It was
awesome. Migui said real nice words to me yesterday and I don’t think
I’ll ever forget them. My friends ordered like two services of vodka
and juice, La Covacha gave us two bottles of champagne, a couple of
friends bought me drinks and everybody had fun witht he music, the
people and everything. The music could have been better though. They
did not play much latin music… mostly reggeaton and well most of my
friends and I don’t like reggeaton that much, but we had fun anyway.

I really am grateful for such an awesome night. I think I deserved it.
At the beginning nobody was really in the mood for partying, but I
guess the drinks and the people and the music made all the difference.
I met lots of people yesterday and I had fun with them all. Everybody
wished me a happy b-day, even those who I did not know, so I felt
special. It was nice. We left la Covacha at like 4am in the morning and
then we stopped at Denny’s to grab a bite. I was just falling asleep
and wanted to go home, but the people I was with were hungry. Most of
my friends had left already so I was mainly with people I did not know.
After the food, we finally came back to Weston. Jonny dropped me off at
6am at my house. Jesus. I had never gotten here so early. I went to bed
and woke up this morning at 11:30am. I was supposed to work at 10am,
but couldn’t get myself out of bed. I feel bad because my mom really
needed me at the store, but I got my butt there as soon as I could, and
it was all ok.

I’m still sleepy, but hopefully I’ll have all day tomorrow to rest
before school starts, and I still have to use that gift certificate for
a massage! I’ve been having all this fun and my b-day is not even here
yet! LOL. I’m telling everybody that you’re only 22 once, so this year
I’ve decided to celebrate long before, and maybe long after my b-day.
How about that!

Friends called a few minutes ago to invite me to the movies at 11pm,
but I just got home at 10pm, had dinner and just now I’m sitting here
for a bit. I had already written most of this entry at work during my
times of boredom, and even though I have movies to watch, I think I’m
going to go to bed. I’m super tired and I still need to get ready to
start school on Monday. YUCK. I have to do laundry, clean my room, and
BLAH. I just want to rest. I hope to be back soon.

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