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Protected: Please Don't Go

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The Worst Enemy of Friendship

It is a fact that friendships can be uncertain as there’s no way to be 100% sure that anyone we choose as a friend will turn out to be a good one. However, once two friends start meeting each other’s needs and developing an in-depth bond, the fear of the unknown seems to fade away and friends experience happiness as the feelings of reliance, support, communication, trustworthiness, understanding, empathy, and intimacy grow strong. We go to our friends for shelter and they stay by our sides through thick and thin. They’re there for the good and bad times; we believe in them and start becoming what they are, as they also grow to be the family that we get to pick. We need to relate to our friends and share values in common; we need to respect each other and be team players; we need to be loyal and equal so that we can gain our friend’s confidence. In a few words, we need to be friends ourselves, so that other people can be our friends as well.
Building a friendship, like any other relationship, is a process that takes time, and friends start growing closer together, and true friendships are achieved step by step once two friends share their most intimate thoughts and feelings while acknowledging one another. Nevertheless, not all the friendships we grow to develop through the years are the same. In fact, we usually have more than one friend, and we gain more when we benefit from different types and levels of friendships. Not all of our friends have the same importance in our life, and the bonds we develop with different people don’t always have the same degree of intensity. We typically have lots of acquaintances, but only a few people we can call friends. Moreover, we can usually count our truly best friends with one hand’s fingers. Although there are friendships that last through the years, good friendships d Read the rest of this entry »
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Kissed by the Wrong Frog

Marriage is probably the most important decision of an individual’s existence, but as many other things in life; we are significantly clueless when the times to make major life decisions come around. Strong relationships follow a natural path in which a process of building respect, according trust, providing support, communicating openly, being honest and committing oneself to the relationship serves to offer satisfaction as a result of the way in which the two partners relate to each other. When individuals decide to get married, they’re not only choosing a spouse, but they’re also choosing to be wedded, which means they’re opting for being committed to someone else with all that implies.


Consenting to the hormonal-impulse approach of making a marriage decision can be very romantic but dull. The feeling of being in love with someone and thinking we’ve finally found that ONE person who can complete our soul can seldom take us to heaven and rather often is the perfect spell for tragedy. This is exactly why people from white- to blue-collar workers, from students to artists and from business people to heads of state don’t get it right on the first and sometimes even the second, third or fourth attempt. Research shows that “the ability to select a suitable partner comes with age and maturity,” which means that these two all-inclusive factors play an important part on whether a relationship has a better chance of succeeding over another one. Of course the age at which maturity comes varies from person to person according to their own experiences, but in general terms these two are crucial.

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Los relojes no duermen…

Estos últimos días parecen estar caracterizados por las tan cuestionables despedidas. Despedida de gente que entra en nuestras vidas, deja rastro y luego por razones del destino se va. Gente que cambia de ambiente en la medida en que los relojes del tiempo avanzan sin compasión. Gente que debe irse pero sabemos que volverá. Gente que cambia su forma de vida y que de alguna manera dejarán de ser lo que hoy son.


Pare usted de contar los diferentes tipos de despedidas de los que podríamos hablar. Lo que sí es cierto es que las despedidas tienden a ser tristes, sobretodo cuando se trata de seres queridos o cuando se trata de personas a las que nos hemos aferrado sin importar que tan sólo las hayamos conocido por poco tiempo. No importan las razones por las cuales ocurren tanto como el hecho de que las despedida son definitivamente una de las escenas más difíciles que nos puede tocar vivir a los seres humanos y especialmente a aquellos que como mencioné anteriormente tenemos esa tendencia natural a apegarnos con facilidad a la gente que queremos en esta vida.

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