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Más vale pan con amor…

…que gallina con dolor, aunque hay otro cliché que manifiesta que amor con hambre no dura; y es que me he enterado de que una de mis mejores amigas se lanza al agua y me he sentido emocionadísima porque además de que tiene todos los años del mundo con su novio, es también la primera en casarse dentro de nuestro entorno de amigos en común.

Claro que de aquí al 2011 todavía quedan muchos meses, decisiones qué tomar y cosas qué planear; pero lo cierto del caso es que me siento muy feliz por ella -y por él, claro- y sólo puedo pensar en ahorrar para pagarme el pasaje y no faltar a su boda que de seguro será el evento del año.

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Kissed by the Wrong Frog

Marriage is probably the most important decision of an individual’s existence, but as many other things in life; we are significantly clueless when the times to make major life decisions come around. Strong relationships follow a natural path in which a process of building respect, according trust, providing support, communicating openly, being honest and committing oneself to the relationship serves to offer satisfaction as a result of the way in which the two partners relate to each other. When individuals decide to get married, they’re not only choosing a spouse, but they’re also choosing to be wedded, which means they’re opting for being committed to someone else with all that implies.


Consenting to the hormonal-impulse approach of making a marriage decision can be very romantic but dull. The feeling of being in love with someone and thinking we’ve finally found that ONE person who can complete our soul can seldom take us to heaven and rather often is the perfect spell for tragedy. This is exactly why people from white- to blue-collar workers, from students to artists and from business people to heads of state don’t get it right on the first and sometimes even the second, third or fourth attempt. Research shows that “the ability to select a suitable partner comes with age and maturity,” which means that these two all-inclusive factors play an important part on whether a relationship has a better chance of succeeding over another one. Of course the age at which maturity comes varies from person to person according to their own experiences, but in general terms these two are crucial.

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