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Con Miedo a Perder el Equipaje

Pocas veces me topo con pasajeros que despiertan en mí la ternura, pero cuando lo hago no sólo lo agradezco sino que también me siento lo suficientemente inspirada como para reseñarlos, tal vez por aquella parte de mí misma a la que me recuerdan cuando me plantean situaciones llenas de inocencia.

Hace poco más de una semana facturábamos dos vuelos por separado (hago la acotación porque muchas veces solemos trabajar con facturaciones simultáneas; o lo que es lo mismo, facturamos varios vuelos a la vez) y me llega uno a preguntar que si podía facturar ya para MAN (Manchester).

Le explico que está acabando la facturación de LBA (Leeds) y que estamos también facturando el MAN por lo que le indico que podía proceder sin problema. Me dice entonces, “es que los cabeceros dicen LBA”. “Debe ser que a mis compañeras se les olvidó cambiarlos”, le respondo (a lo que procedo a llamarles para que lo modifiquen).

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Suspense on a Plane

Since ancient times human beings have been trying to define their situation and understand their circumstances through the discovery of the purpose of life. Throughout history, individuals have been wondering about who they are, what they are doing, and where they are going. Human kind has been concerned about finding a purpose to every thing people do or see as well as about getting a philosophical explanation provided by a source of superior wisdom in order to find the answers to all of our questions. But what is life? Is there really a purpose to it? 

There are more than enough experts on the street who give an explanation of what life is, and there are more than enough words used interchangeably to suggest that same concept. Is life a miracle, a gift, a dream, a realization, a journey, a sigh, a right, a duty, a poem written around us, a lightened candle that any wind can extinguish? Is it knowledge, suffering, love, tolerance, existence, unhappiness, joy, development, growth? All of these and many more terms could be used to convey the same idea of life, but just as everything else in this world, the definition of life is relative, and it depends greatly on the meaning people give to it as well as their point of view and experience.

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