25 Random Things to Share

24 Apr

1. I love singing, dancing and taking pictures. I love cooking and I’m good at it although I hate to do it when it becomes an obligation. I absolutely love writing even though I am an extremely poor reader, which makes it impossible for me to ever be a good writer. I’m still pretty good with words and not only written ones.

2. I’m very dedicated to everything I do and a perfectionist.

3. I used to hate my parents for ever moving to the States and cried every day for almost a year because I hated it and couldn’t speak English. Now I couldn’t be more thankful to them for doing so.

4. I graduated suma cum laude from the University with a 3.93 cumulative GPA and am very proud of it. Will always hate the two teachers who ever gave me A- and B+ for no real reason because they were unfair indeed.

5. On my last semester at the university I had to take 7 classes cause it was either “take them all or leave the States without graduating”, I still managed to go to Orlando in Halloween and stuff.

6. Even though I have always been a great student I failed PE in HS because I really really suck at sports. The teacher gave me a passing grade just because it was my last year.

7. I have discovered I’m not such a city person like I thought I was and also that I love living in Tenerife as much as people think this is like a deserted island.

8. I have had two near-death experiences (seriously) one when I was 16 and the other one when I was 21, and it is true what they say about seeing your entire life go through your head like a movie right when u think it’s over.

9. I hate milk, coffee, veggies, salads and fried eggs.

10. I usually have long nails and although sometimes I clip them completely off when I get tired of them, I usually only do so when I am raging or extremely mad at somebody/something. It is my subtle way of protesting.

11. I love languages and have been studying German for three years now. I want to move to Germany for some time and french/France shall come next.

12. I am addicted to WoW and it really sucks I can’t get BC or LK

13. Once I almost get expelled from school for conspiring against teachers since I put baby’s powder on the classroom’s blackboard and teachers couldn’t write on it (mind u chalk + baby’s powder is not a good combination for teachers but it is for students). You should try it now that teachers still use blackboards; just make sure it’s odorless baby powder, to clean the floor so nobody falls and that NOBODY sees you do it (make sure there aren’t cameras around lol). Since I was such a great student I got away with it, so that’s the good thing about having great grades and being naughty. It made me untouchable and it was a great feeling. Too bad school is over.

14. Just on the first half of 2008 I had already worked for three different companies which is my record, and I was for the first time fired from one of them also for no real reason. So much for trying to find a stable job.

15. I would like to get a tattoo and a piercing but never will.

16. I was once stopped by the police at 2am in the morning for speeding and got away with it with no ticket because I’m smart like that. Still haven’t told my parents about it and never will, so shut the f*ck up.

17. I CAN’T sleep without covering my eyes and without hugging a pillow and having one to each side; no matter where I am or with who. I’ll make a pillow out of a towel if necessary but I HAVE TO have my pillows and my eyes covered.

18. Sometimes I really truly wish I was a boy.

19. I am 25 and have only had one boyfriend, at the age of 22, even though before then I had had a crush on at least 10 different guys.

20. I hate people and especially “friends” who are superficial and guys who approach me JUST because they think I’m pretty.

21. Most people know I don’t drink or smoke but don’t know the reasons behind it so here they are: 1. my grandpa lost his vocal cords and later on when I was 14 passed away from cancer on his throat because of smoking. 2. I had the worst time of my life with an alcoholic friend when I was 16. Not hard to figure out those two are no no’s for me and there are very few things I can’t stand more than the smell of cigarettes/tobacco and annoying drunken people. I have never tried smoking and never will.

22. Even though I’m Catholic, I was once called an Atheist for not going to church every Sunday (or ever). I long ago decided that I would rather be called a bad Catholic than feel like a good hypocrite. I’m not less of a person because of this and if u think so then think again.

23. There is one guy I ever kept a diary about.

24. I once kissed a girl and liked it, but I wouldn’t do it again (EW with all due respect; mind you the kiss was NOT in any way intentional so no need t freak out). My mom used to think I was a lesbian (at some point in my life) even though she never knew about this kiss and I’m still traumatized by the fact she ever thought that of me (again no offense).

25. At least three times, I have confessed a guy that I liked him; not the same guy, I just have done such a thing in several occasions since guys aren’t courageous enough to tell girls they like them. I have also gone to at least two blind dates with random guys; it was sort of fun, but I wouldn’t do it again.

Bonus: I underwent aesthetic surgery when I was 17 and still don’t know how on Earth my parents ever let me do it, but I certainly don’t regret it.

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