What are the chances!?

05 May

So yesterday wa s apretty eventful day. Tough day though…. I woke up early in the morning to go to the driving school, after the lectured I stayed in the lab taking practice tests and around 1pm my brother in law picked me and my brother up. We had lunch at home and right after that at around 3:30pm I received a call from one of the companies I left my resume at… One of the temps companies. They were offering me a job at a cyber as a clerk. The pay was low, but the place was closeby. I didn’t know whether I wanted to take the job or not because it was 40hrs a week for less than 5 euros an hour… Just half an hour later I received another call form another temp company offering me a job for a position that is silimar to the stuff I’ve done in the past. They needed an administrative assistant. Keep in mind that these companies hire temps and place them at other companies who have positions available for a short period of time whenever they have employees on sick, maternity or vacation leave.

Anyway, the second offer sounded much more attractive so I decided to take it. They gave me an appointment for an interview today at 11am. Then it was easier for me to turn down the other offer since I new I had this other one. Call me crazy but it’s just unbelievable that these companies haven’t called in days and all of a sudden I got not one or two, but three different calls on the same way, on the spam of a couple hours from three different companies….

The third called I received at around 5:30pm. This time it was not a temp company but a large company here in Spain: Caja Canarias. And yes, that’s a bank. I thought working a large company should mean a better salary or at least better working conditions, so I sent my resume a couple of weeks ago since they had like 100 openings and were requesting graduates with Bus. Admin. majors among others. I figure that is the job I want. They made a small interview trhough the phone and they also told me I’m supposed to attend to a group session in the city on May 16th. I guess that’s part of the selection process and since HR is my main major, I guess I have an advantage over other candidates since I more or less have an idea of what this group session could be about and especially of what it could be measuring or what they could be looking for in potential candidates. So at least now I have a target….

That was all yesterday. It was a crazy and not my best day. It was full of fights with my siblings and mom, but I should be used to that by now.

Today I went to my interview and it went pretty well. It was very casual though. To make a long story short: I got the job, and I start tomorrow.

The schedule is pretty tough though. I do not have a permanent schedule, it varies by day. They basically have three shiftsÑ morning, afternoon and night; from 7am to 3pm, from 3pm to 11pm and from 11pm to 7am respectively. Supposedly and since I’ll be working there as a temp, I should be done by the end of May or so. I saw my schedule and fortunately I only work three nights in a row during the whole months and that’s towards the end. The rest of the days are mostly during the afternoons and I also got some mornings. I guess that’s not too shabby. I do not get a break, I only get to go to the restroom ocassionally and I can eat at the office if I want to, but can never leave the premises or the office.

I’ll give you the datails of the company later on because I’m running out of time right now, but the good news is I got myself a job at least for this month, and now I will have money to spend with my boyfriend when he ocmes and visit me if everything goes okay.

For the time being I’ll combine my driving lectures in the mornings and afternoons depending on the shift I get. I work all afternoons from here to Monday, then I have Tuesday off and then I work six more afternoons in a row. Then I get two days off. The job is suppsoed to be fairly simple, so let’s see how that goes.

Now I gotta run, I have to go eat to then go to my driving lecture for the day. I’ll let you now more about me soon I hope.

Love ya

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