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What are the chances!?

So yesterday wa s apretty eventful day. Tough day though…. I woke up early in the morning to go to the driving school, after the lectured I stayed in the lab taking practice tests and around 1pm my brother in law picked me and my brother up. We had lunch at home and right after that at around 3:30pm I received a call from one of the companies I left my resume at… One of the temps companies. They were offering me a job at a cyber as a clerk. The pay was low, but the place was closeby. I didn’t know whether I wanted to take the job or not because it was 40hrs a week for less than 5 euros an hour… Just half an hour later I received another call form another temp company offering me a job for a position that is silimar to the stuff I’ve done in the past. They needed an administrative assistant. Keep in mind that these companies hire temps and place them at other companies who have positions available for a short period of time whenever they have employees on sick, maternity or vacation leave.

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