Life is overrated

24 Apr

So I haven´t been around for quite a few days and to tell the truth the past few days and especially this past week my life has been a living hell and the worst is yet to come. Yes, I am exaggerating but I´m feeling not too good at the moment so this is my way of letting it out. So things have been complicated and they are about to become even more complicated. And by “things” I mean a lot of things as redundant as that sounds. It is a long story and it gets to my nerves so I don´t know if I´m willing to talk about it. We are still iving at my sisters, not moving any time soon. Still without a car in a place with no public transportation and still in the process of getting a job and starting a life. I am frustrated and again, I know I need to be patient but the wait is killing me.

To make things worse, we are literally kiling each other. We have a fight about anything and everything and we don´t seem to get along or work as a team to get things done.My dada has not been able to go back to the States because he needs a new passport, I haven´t been able to get a job, and I have already seen some of the job offers I applied for on the internet be turned down… I don´t know… I can´t explain it but it has been hard. Sometimes I feel like I have no motavation to do anything, I don´t feel like writing or talking to anyone, I´ve become numb. In addition, my dad´s computer was just infected with a virus so he´s taking it away. I do not have access to a computer all the time and that´s killing me to cause it´s my only way to communicate with my boyfriend. He does call me everyday but we cannot spend hours on the phone like we used to for obvious reasons. I´m not in my house and it´s also expensive.

I´m just frustrated and in a bad mood but hopefully all of this will be worth it. I know it´s just part of the change we are going through and I know this is all temporary, but it´s really hard. I hate it when my entries don´t seem to highlight the positive and I´m sorry about writing like this. Sometimes I just need to let go and let out.

In a more positive note, I already got a cellphone. My brother in law and my sister bought me one and gave it to me as a belated graduation present. The truth is it is important for me to have a cellphone if I´m trying to get employers to give me a call and offer me a job after I present my resume to them… So yes, I have a pretty cool phone even though I don´t use it much just yet. I´ve only gotten two calls ever since I got my cellphone last friday and they both have been from my sister. I have no friends or anyone to call so I guess I wouldn´t need if it weren´t for me wanting employers to contact me.

Anyway, I would post my number but I don´t think that´s a good idea, so maybe I´ll give it to you personally later. Anyway I don´t think you would ever give me a call. It is really expensive to call to a cellphone here. From here to there they charge it as a regular phone but from there to here it´s really expensive. You can have it just because or in case fo emergencies. I hope you never need to call for an emergency though…

To add a little more to the positive, I registered for French and German classes. The courses start next Fall and they last a year. I´m not sure yet if I´ll take both languages, but I already have a spot for both on the institute, so I might as well take advantage as they are for free. I only have to pay an entrance fee and the books. Apparently they are really good and you get a certificate and all. I obviously chose to start at the basic level for both even though I studied some French grammar back in HS, but I can´t seem to remember much of it. I´m more interested in French at a personal level, but at a professional level German should be a better option since that´s the language they most ask for here in the island after English. For most of the jobs I´ve applied for, English is required and German is preferred, so I´m trying to become a more attractive option for employers. Smart girl 😉

What else can I tell you about? Oh yes, my brother and I will start driving lessons this week (hopefully). We need to get our driving permit over here and I´ve heard it´s extremely hard to pass both the written and practical portions. Apparently they are very strict when it comes to giving people their licenses. In fact even if you know how to drive you get a learners license that you have to hold for a year during which you cannot exceed 80km/hour. Sorry but I don´t know the conversion to miles, but I´m pretty sure it´s somewhere around 50mph, which is not much. Besides, most cars here are manual, so I need to learn the whole speed changes and stuff. Let´s see how that goes…

This past week I also got my first bank account over here. It had been over 5 years since I last had one of those, so I guess that´s cool. I don´t know if I´ll be able to save much though. Obviously I can´t save right now since I´m not working, but I´ve heard it´s hard to save over here since the salaries are so little… Anyway, I should be picking up my new debit card this week.

My brother just started this week as a receptionist at a hotel, and his monthly salary will be higher than the monthly salary my sister has earned in any of the jobs she has been ever since she got to the island. She will start her 4th or 5th job next May, so you can imagine. Things here deffinetely work differently and I´m not sure yet, but I get the impression that people over here don´t live to work, but work to live which I think is good.

So it´s not all bad, I´ve made some progress slow but surely. Sometimes the bad just seems overcome the good, and I swear I´m trying to be fine, but I´m having a hard time. I hope tobe back soon…

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