From Tenerife (TF)

05 Apr

Dear readers, I haven’t been able to update much lately so today seemed like a good day to just drop a line. It has been a week since I moved to Tenerife, Spain and I’m staying at my sisters at the moment whereas we get our own house and start our new life from zero. It has not been easy for me, but I guess it will take me some time. I’m doing ok. Not great emotionally since there are a lot of things running through my mind and since I’m far away from my significant other, but I’m trying…

I already have lots of curious stories for you, and I’m planning on posting a little more about them later, whenever I get a chance. I don’t know if I will anytime soon, but I’ll try. I miss writing…. At my sisters, we are six people and we only have one computer, so it’s kind of hard to get online sometimes and when I do, I don’t have time to make Xanga updates… Anyway, I already got my papers, and it is amazing how it took me three years to get a working permit in the States whileit took me only three days to get them over here.

That means that I can work already, so I’ve been preparing my resume and hopufully next week or by the end of this one, I should be able to go out and find myself a job. Salaries on this part of the planet are not as high as we all are used to. Obviously I’m used to comparing salaries with the ones people earn in the States in general, but here is different. A good salary here is of about 1,000 euros, maybe less…. that is the salary I earned as a part-timer when I didn’t even had a college degree, so don’t ask me… I’ll have to get used to the cost and way of living here.

The place is okay, okay; it’s nice; I just hate admitting to it. It had been a long time since I lived near the mountains and in the suburbs. The city is almost an hour away from here, and this part of the island is still developing. I can tell you for sure though that within a few years the cost of living here will raise as the value of this part of the Island increases. I’ve sent pictures to most of you already and hopefully I’ll send you more soon. When I get to know more about this place and the surroundings, I’ll tell you more about how I like it.

For the time being, I just want to say I miss you. I hope you can keep posting on your sites so that we can keep in touch. I’ll try to do the same!

I changed the looks of my page by the way, let me know what you think =P The background maybe makes it hard to read, just let me know if that’s the case and I’ll change it 😉

Hugs and kisses

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