He was too fast and I was too furious…

28 May

Hello people! I specially came to tell you that I got into a car crash a couple of days ago =.( Thanks god I’m ok and thanks god I wasn’t alone… but still it was pretty scary and pretty bad uh!?

I was going to an award celebration at the Auto Nation Tower in Ft. lauderdale because I was getting a Departmental Award from BCC… We were on 595 going at about 65 MPH, which is the speed limit, and we were in the leftmost lane… suddenly this pick up truck in the middle lane wanted to get ahead of me, but there wasn’t enough space for him to change lanes since there was a lot of traffic and he had a car in front and me at his side…. still, he wanted to change lanes so let’s say he miscalculated the space and when he changed lanes he hit us… =…(

My friend who was in the passenger seat screamed “el tipo se va a meter” and I slowed down and tried to turn to the grass at the side (the shoulder) but it was to late…… the car had already hit us…. =(

Las marcas del frenazo en el pavimento no fueron normales ok!?? GRACIAS A DIOS estamos bien… y bueno después de todo mi amiga se encargó de todo porq yo me puse a llorar medio mal…. yo estaba asustada pero ella en el momento no se puso nerviosa sino molesta con el imbecil q nos choco…jejeje… so she called our parents, and 911; although I’m pretty disapointed at 911 because when my friend called she told them that we had gotten into a car accident and they let her on hold for like 2 minutes… they didn’t even ask if somebody was hurt so let’s not make any more comments about that…. after that she hang up and called her mother again so that she could contact someone!

About 15 minutes later a Davie Police patrol arrived, two minutes after that the Florida Highway patrol got there, we did not recognize the officer until he got off the car because it was one of those “secret” cars that looked like a normal passenger car but wasn’t quite so…. I must also mention that the officer was extremely cute!! I was trying to wink at him but it didn’t work =( jejeje….

En fin… levanto el reporte y a la final todo se resolvio bien, el otro tipo obviamente perdio el choque y hasta le dieron una multa…. lo mas importante es q nosotras estamos de una pieza, todo fue daño material…. a la final tb pudimos llegar al award… y me entregaron mi placa y fue muy emocionante! =) ya estoy mucho mas recuperada de todo la verdad, asi q bueno ahi les dejo el cuento para q les sirva de experiencia…. a veces no somos nosotros sino los demas asi q por favor drive safely y nunca se confien de nada ni nadie eh!?

Bueno todo eso fue el miercoles, el dia de ayer pues clases normal y tarde de cansancio total en la q dormi un ratito pero no mucho y luego entre en una crisis espiritual medio feita… tb hable con mi sis en españa y con mi yaya a las cuales no llamo con mucha frecuencia asi q me senti muy bien por eso tb…

As of today I didn’t have school but I had to work in my parent’s store in the morning, then sorpresivamente llego mi tío de españa q estara por aca unos dias asi q pues conversandito y tal….

Ahora en la tarde debo hacer mucha tarea y comenzar a estudiar si puedo ya q tengo un examen peluito la semana q viene =S I hate summer school…. specially at FIU… It’s really driving me crazy! De resto espero tener aunq sea una gota de relaxation este fin de semana largo eh!? y vaya si la necesito!! asi q chicos a ver si nos animamos a hacer alguito =P

Me marcho por ahora cause it’s getting late and I have a lot to do! hugs and kisses!

Con mucho cariñito:

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